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      Fog roll in the use of the need to pay attention to the place

      Release time:2019-12-31 Ourlifebecausealotofverylargechangeshavetakenplaceinthepresenceofthemechanicalequipment,theuseofmechanicalequipmentcanmakeourproductionactivitiesbecomemoreconvenient,ourproductionandprocessingmethodsa...

        Our life because a lot of very large changes have taken place in the presence of the mechanical equipment, the use of mechanical equipment can make our production activities become more convenient, our production and processing methods are very advanced, using many of the tools are also quality is very good, so makes us a lot of factory work efficiency greatly improved. Fog roller as a processing tool, very by the factory's favorite

        Fog roll in the use of the need to pay attention to the place

        Fog roll is generally equipped with a safety shield, another function of this safety shield is to prevent dust, sand fell into the fog roll, damage the fog roll. Therefore, in addition to maintaining environmental sanitation around the equipment, it is very important to keep the equipment clean, especially to keep the protective cover clean and prevent the ink residue inside the shield from falling on the fog surface roller; Use clean ink, ink in use after a period of time, due to various reasons, may contain impurities or grains of sand, or some of the ink itself contains impurities or grains of sand, these impurities or grains of sand with ink in the ink system continuously circulation, it will cause fatal damage to mist side roller, it is best to more than 100 mesh filter through a filter, and in the ink system into refill tube with a magnet; Make sure the cloth is clean. This is an easy oversight of the problem, so easy to adhere to the sand on the floor to wipe cloth, and by the printing plate to the fog surface roller, causing the fog surface roller scratch; Note the quality of the paper. Since the fog-roll is often used interchangeously in printing machines, it is important to specify the number of lines per inch of the fog-roll and the volumetric parameters of the holes.



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