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      The development trend of foundry industry nowadays

      Release time:2010-09-09 In2007countriestopromoteeconomicrestructuringandchangeofthetradegrowthmode,againusetariffsthemacroeconomicregulationandcontrol"baton",notonlyformorethan300kindsofcommoditiessubjecttoimporttemporarytar...

        In 2007 countries to promote economic restructuring and change of the trade growth mode, again use tariffs the macroeconomic regulation and control "baton", not only for more than 300 kinds of commodities subject to import temporary tariff rate, and further restrictions on energy-consuming, high pollution and resource commodities export, stainless steel ingot and its primary products and raw materials, such as new export tariff is imposed. The implementation of this series of tariff adjustment New Deal will bring important opportunities for the development of foundry industry.

        Casting production is one of the main methods to obtain the blank of mechanical products, it is the important foundation of machinery manufacturing industry, and occupies a very important position in the national economy. In many machines, casting weight accounts for a high proportion of the machine weight, internal combustion engine 80%, tractor 65%-80%, hydraulic parts, pump machinery 50%-60%. As China's pillar industry is vigorously developing the automotive industry, the heart of the key parts of the engine, such as cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, cylinder liner, piston, intake pipe, exhaust pipe and other eight parts are almost all cast from; High quality heavy and large castings for key equipment in metallurgy, mining and power station; In addition, the infrastructure of national economy and people's life also need a large number of castings, and the water (gas) pipeline needs various sizes of high toughness ductile iron pipes.

        China not only ranks the first in the world with the annual casting output of about 17 million tons, and has become a major foundry country in the world, but also has a distinctive regional characteristics of China's casting industry, which has formed a casting industry cluster in the "Yangtze river delta" region, shandong, shanxi, liaoning, guangdong and other places. The industrial agglomeration in these regions will help create more cooperation opportunities, make training, finance, development, marketing, export and other aspects interact, and promote the development of the foundry industry. "Yangtze river delta" casting industry cluster is China's current **** casting industry cluster, including Shanghai, jiangsu province and zhejiang province, with an annual casting output of nearly 5 million tons, accounting for almost one third of the country. This region is an economically developed region in China. Its machinery industry, household appliance industry and metallurgy industry are also among the best in the country. The foundry industry rooted in these industries is bound to become the national leader.

        The tide of global economic integration has great influence on the casting industry, and more and more competitive means are available in the casting market. On the basis of more and more stringent quality requirements on the casting itself, price and delivery time, related services, buyers generally put forward some additional requirements. Reflected in the technical barriers to trade, for suppliers to adopt a variety of certification, recognition requirements, has become the most commonly used means. China's foundry industry is in the growth period, has a better development prospects.

        However, under the influence of the international financial crisis, the foundry industry itself has problems such as the lack of competitiveness, the need to further improve the independent innovation ability, and the need to further optimize the industrial structure.

        At present, in the critical period of profound changes in domestic and international economic pattern, if the foundry industry wants to accelerate the transformation of the development mode of the foundry industry, it must attach importance to the strategic position of technological innovation in promoting industrial upgrading, lose no time in promoting industrial restructuring, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

        First, we need to increase investment in science and technology, strive to achieve breakthroughs in key industrial technologies, and put enterprises on the track of innovation-driven and endogenous growth. Increase the investment in the research of key generic technologies and basic processes to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises; To guide enterprises to carry out innovation in key links such as financial capital, human resources, strategic planning and marketing, and improve management efficiency and level; To breed quality, energy saving, environmental protection, equipment level, safety production, the information such as the weak link to speed up the technical renovation, combining technical innovation and new product development, combine technical transformation, energy conservation and emission reduction, the technical transformation and "two combination", and enhance the overall technical level of the foundry industry. We will implement foundry standards and the strategy for intellectual property rights, and form a number of core independent intellectual property rights and technical standards.

        Second, we need to assess the situation and fully grasp the market opportunities. Enterprises should strengthen the concept of scientific development, do a good job in market research and analysis, keen to seize new market opportunities, fully grasp the market initiative, according to the market demand to do well in production, and avoid vicious competition between enterprises.

        Third, we will accelerate the elimination of outdated production capacity, actively implement mergers and reorganizations, and adjust and optimize the industrial structure. Accelerating the elimination of outdated production capacity is a major measure to change the pattern of economic development, adjust the economic structure, and improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth. The foundry industry should strictly implement relevant state laws and industrial policies, and resolutely stop low-level and small-scale re-investment production capacity. We will accelerate the renovation and elimination of production capacity that consumes high energy consumption, consumes large amounts of resources, and pollutes the environment. We will make full use of various means to promote mergers and reorganizations, and study ways to establish a market environment and a long-term mechanism conducive to the withdrawal of outdated production capacity. We will raise barriers to entry in areas such as energy consumption and environmental protection, and curb excess foundry capacity and redundant construction. At the same time, we will vigorously promote energy conservation and pollution reduction in the foundry industry, and develop the resource-conserving and environment-friendly foundry industry.

        Fourth, we should actively build characteristic industrial clusters and strive to realize industrial agglomeration and intensive development. Foundry industrial agglomeration should focus on improving the production organization of enterprises, rational allocation of resources, through building industrial clusters, the formation of collective competitive advantage, in the competition to become bigger and stronger.

        In short, the foundry industry must persist in relying on scientific and technological innovation, pay attention to the improvement of enterprise production organization mode, rational allocation of resources, promote advanced manufacturing technology and clean production mode, in order to optimize the structure, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and protect the environment on the basis of scientific development. The whole industry should improve the consciousness and initiative of transforming the mode of economic development, promote the transformation in the adjustment, seek development in the transformation, so as to promote China from a large foundry industry to a strong foundry industry.



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